Three-In-One RGB LED For Automotive Dashboard


Everlight Electronics introduced a three-in-one RGB LED which features compact size and color transformation, and has passed relevant quality tests making it suitable for interior ambient lighting and dashboard applications like control units, switches and clusters.

The new 67-63U(AM) LED improves resistance to sulfur using a golden lead frame. This makes the LED performs brilliantly even in severe or bad environments, such as automotive.

“Most RGB LEDs comprise three separate chips to control three different colors. This takes up considerable space in automobiles. The new three-in-one RGB LED has a footprint of merely 3.5×2.8×1.4 mm, satisfying customers’ requirements of size, convenience, and cost”, says the company.


The LED emits the following wavelengths: 620-630nm (R), 520-535nm (G) and 447-472nm (B). The brightness at 20mA is 560-1120 (R), 1400-2240 (G) and 180-560 (B). Wavelength customization is also offered. Thus, separate selections for a number of vehicle manufacturers are possible and have already been brought to market.

The 67-63U(AM) LED is able to display rich colors with smooth transitions. The LED is Pb-free and Halogen-free (Br<900 ppm ,Cl <900 ppm, Br+Cl <1500 ppm). Further, it conforms to AEC-Q101, EU REACH, and RoHS.

For more information, view the full Press release.

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