Solution Meets Verification Challenges Of Complex USB PD Designs


Synopsys offers the industry’s first verification IP (VIP) and UVM source code test suite to allow easy and fast development of next-generation consumer, automotive and industrial products based on USB Power Delivery standard. The Synopsys VC VIP is designed to help chip designers address the challenges of verifying today’s highly sophisticated and complex SoC designs based on USB PD 3.0, says the company.

“The new USB Power Delivery 3.0 standard improves power transfer over a USB cable, reducing power consumption for larger devices such as laptops and desktops, and battery charge time for handheld electronics. Being first in the industry, Synopsys VIP for USB Power Delivery 3.0 strengthens the ecosystem and facilitates early adoption and fast development of next-generation designs”, said Jeff Ravencraft, USB-IF President and COO.

The solution provides messages to support USB Type-C authentication, enhanced power management across multiple devices and bi-directional power and data flow.


VC VIP is implemented entirely in SystemVerilog/Universal Verification Methodology (UVM) architecture. It includes features to accelerate complex tasks like configuration and debug. It also provides features that address the need for protocol expertise and accelerate time to coverage-closure. It includes built-in test-plans, coverage, sequences and test suites.

UVM source code test suites are available to further verify key features with minimal effort and fast-track custom testing of USB designs.

“We continue to provide our customers with comprehensive next-generation VIP by steadily introducing support for the latest protocols and specifications,” said Vikas Gautam, group director of VIP R&D and corporate applications for the Synopsys Verification Group. “Synopsys is committed to delivering a complete USB solution with support for USB 3.1, 3.0, 2.0, UVM source code test suites and the newest USB Power Delivery 3.0, enabling our customers to efficiently design the latest leading-edge products.”

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Synopsys VC VIP for USB Power Delivery 3.0 and source code test suites are both available and is included in the Synopsys VIP Library.

For further information, view the full Press release.



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