LPDDR4 Controller Supports Fast Computing With 3200 MTps Speeds


Arastu Systems recently announced a LPDDR4 DRAM Memory Controller claimed to support faster computing speeds up to 3200 MTps (MegaTransfers per second) required in applications including automotive, graphic processing and consumer gadgets like smartphones, tablets, etc. In these applications, the IP offers faster response rates for optimised end user experience.

The LPDDR4 DRAM controller also allows secure access to memory to assure protected data transfer in applications such as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Infotainment in the automotive industry, where security is the key concern.

The design IP supports the popular industry standard AHB/AXI master, however, the company allows chip designers to customise the design as per customer’s requirement. It is also fully compliant with JEDEC standard JESD209-4A and DFI4.0 PHY specifications.


Multiple power saving modes including Self Refresh Power Down and Deep Power Down extend the battery life of consumer gadgets. Furthermore, it supports multiple channels and gives privilege to the user to configure and manage each channel independently.

The IP maximizes DRAM bus utilization by implementing Look-Ahead command processing and Bank Management. Additionally, system reliability is enhanced with support for DRAM testing.

Umesh Patel, Founder and CEO, Arastu Systems, says, “DRAM business has always been challenging, the memory requirement for each system is different and to add to that faster computing solution demand faster and better memories. Our highly configurable and easily customisable DRAM solution amalgamated with our focused approach and clear vision is helping us cater the market needs.”

For more information, view the full Press release.

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