Accelerating IoT And Machine Learning With FPGAs


Xilinx and IBM announced that IBM’s cloud-service, SuperVessel, will leverage Xilinx’s SDAccel Development Environment for cloud-based FPGA designs to target the development of emerging applications including big data analytics, machine learning and IoT.

This collaboration will allow developers to describe their algorithms in OpenCL, C, and C++ using SDAccel development environment, an IDE to compile, profile, debug and deploy FPGA-based acceleration, which is claimed to enable up to 25X better performance/watt for data center application acceleration leveraging FPGAs. Developers can then compile the code directly to Xilinx FPGA-based acceleration boards. This is expected to make FPGA application development faster and more accessible to a large number of developers.

“With the tie-up, application developers, system designers, and academic researchers can create, test and pilot solutions for emerging applications including deep analytics, machine learning and the Internet of Things”, says the company.


“SDAccel in the SuperVessel cloud is an important vehicle enabling developers to easily develop and accelerate applications using FPGAs,” said Sumit Gupta, vice president, High Performance Computing & Data Analytics at IBM.

“Availability of SDAccel in SuperVessel is another milestone reached in the development of application acceleration on the IBM POWER architecture and will provide a compelling solution for those seeking to accelerate emerging data center applications,” said Andy Walsh, senior director of data center business at Xilinx. “It has already shown great promise to accelerate workloads in the data center.”

For further details, view the full Press release.

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