High-speed PCB Design Tool Targets “first time right” Results


Designers now have a complete set of technology to design and analyze any type of high-speed digital PCB, with Mentor Graphics’ newest HyperLynx release which integrates signal and power integrity analysis, 3D-electromagnetic solving, and fast rule checking into a single unified environment. “The tool solves several challenges such as variations in size, layer count, routing density, signaling speed, types of silicon used, and power-delivery of high-speed PCBs”, the company says.

The latest release of HyperLynx is based around the popular signal integrity/power integrity (SI/PI) application. The product offers one easy-to-use environment spanning a wide range of underlying simulation engines and a graphical user interface (GUI) that supports both quick/interactive and exhaustive batch-mode analysis.

According to the company, “Using a ‘shift left’ strategy helps perform simulation early in the design process to achieve ‘first time right’ products.”

Offering the 2D/3D signal and power integrity analysis in a single application, with one GUI, the tool frees designers from switching applications and user interfaces for different types of analysis.

The product now combines a super-fast geometry extraction engine and advanced materials modeling (for wideband dielectrics, copper roughness, etc.) to produce highly accurate simulations.

“At 28 Gbps and above, everything matters, and engineers must understand the essential signal integrity principles that connect physical design with electrical performance in the very high speed regime. To meet the demands of next-generation products, the successful engineer must accelerate up the learning curve,” stated Dr. Eric Bogatin, adjunct professor at ECEE, University of Colorado, Boulder, and director of the Teledyne LeCroy Front Range Signal Integrity Lab. “One of the most effective ways of learning and understanding the essential design principles is through exploring virtual prototypes using simulation tools like Mentor Graphics HyperLynx with its very low learning curve.”

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This new release of HyperLynx is available now. For further details, view the full Press release.


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