New Solution Shortens FinFET Custom Design Tasks From Days To Hours


Synopsys has unveiled a new custom design solution intended to improve the productivity gap arising from an increasing adoption of FinFET-based designs. “The new visually assisted automation technologies will shorten custom design tasks from days to hours, reduce iterations and enable reuse”, according to the company.

“The growing number and complexity of FinFET design rules pose significant challenges for layout designers. Custom Compiler’s innovative assistants enable designers to address the most difficult layout challenges while significantly improving FinFET design productivity”, the company claims.

FinFET productivity gap is becoming an important issue to solve. FinFETs have complicated series and parallel stacks. With inflexible layout, the cost of mistakes is high and there is a threefold increase in layout effort.

Custom Compiler provides a comprehensive custom design solution based on the industry standard Open Access database. It provides an open environment spanning schematics, simulation analysis and layout. The solution is unified with Synopsys’ circuit simulation, physical verification and digital implementation tools.

Custom Compiler Assistants are productivity aids that leverage the graphical use model familiar to layout designers while eliminating the need to write complicated code and constraints.

Custom Compiler provides four types of assistants: Layout, In-Design, Template and Co Design:

• In-Design Assistants reduce design iterations by catching physical and electrical errors before signoff verification
• Co-Design Assistants combine IC Compiler and Custom Compiler into a unified solution for custom and digital implementation
• Layout Assistants provide visually guided automation of placement and routing and are said to be suitable for connecting FinFET arrays or large-M factor transistors
• Template Assistants help designers to apply previous layout decisions to new designs

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Custom Compiler is already in use for production work on the most advanced nodes and is supported on FinFET process technologies by leading foundries. Others users include STMicroelectronics and memory developer GSI.

For further details, view the full Press release.


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