Accurate; 3 gram; 25x25mm GPS Receiver For Outdoor Mobile Apps


SkyTraq Technology introduced a low-cost and low-power GPS/Beidou RTK receiver that is claimed to deliver centimeter-level position accuracy for various high-precision applications, such as precision agriculture, unmanned aerial system (UAS), robotic intelligent machine and photogrammetry. Its 25mm x 25mm form factor, 3 gram weight, and 250mW power consumption makes it ideal for any outdoor mobile applications requiring high precision RTK positioning.

S2525F8-RTK is a multi-constellation GNSS RTK receiver that can use 12 GPS, 8 SBAS, 6 BDS, and 1 QZSS signal. The product supports both base station and rover modes. As a rover, it achieves relative positioning with 1cm + 1ppm position accuracy within 10Km baseline, and decimeter-level accuracy for over 10Km baseline can be achieved using Float RTK mode.

Two S2525F8-RTK receivers can be used to form GPS compass that provides 0.17 degree heading accuracy at 1 meter baseline, better accuracy and more reliable than conventional digital magnetometers that’s affected by changes in the magnetic environment.


A US$ 50 NS-HP evaluation board is available for easy evaluation and integration into portable survey equipment, unmanned vehicle, machine control, and robotic guidance applications. The standard nmea-navsat-driver package of Robot Operating System (ROS) works directly with NS-HP, enabling easy accessible centimeter-level accuracy positioning for robotic applications.

The S2525F8-RTK is available now in mass production. Its datasheets and reference designs are also available.

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