Reliable & Accurate Pressure Sensors For Industry


TT Electronics introduced high-performance industrial pressure transmitters which are digitally compensated to provide accurate and reliable pressure measurements. They are ideally suited for OEM requirements within the industrial automation, hydraulics and pneumatics, agricultural and off-road vehicle, HVAC, water treatment and general instrumentation sectors.

Designed to operate over a wide operating temperature range of -40° to +125 °C, the TPL Series pressure transmitters offer reliable 0.5V to 4.5V ratiometric output and a ±0.25 per cent non-linearity, hysteresis and repeatability specification (BFSL).

The products detect gauge pressure using a four-arm, active strain-gauge bridge incorporating highly stable resistors. The resistors are fused to a high purity ceramic element and changes in pressure on that element result in bridge voltage changes. These voltage changes are further conditioned by on-board processing electronics.


The TPL Series can be specifically configured for a wide range of pressure ports and electrical connections, to cover all typical installation requirements. The units feature 14 unique standard pressure ranges (both BarG and PSIG), 20 unique 303-grade stainless steel pressure port styles, and eight unique seal materials, including EPDM for potable water applications. Additional choices include IP65 rated mini-DIN plug and socket or IP6K9K rated bayonet connector. UKAS accredited calibration is also optional.

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