Parallel 1000W Modules Provide High Power For Software-defined Networks


GE has launched 1000W DC-DC converters said to provide the highest power density and lowest cost per watt in a quarter-brick solution available on the market today. The Barracuda-series converters are well-suited for applications such as distributed power architectures, servers and storage applications, fan assemblies and systems that require a tightly regulated output voltage.

The QBVE094A0S10R7 DC-DC converters feature an operating input voltage range of 45-56 volts DC and up to 1,000-W output power at output voltages of 10.7 volts. When used in parallel configurations, the converters can deliver 1,800-W output power with two modules or 2700-W power with three units. This is particularly useful in high-end networking and software-defined network applications where one switch is expected to serve many configurable functions.

“In almost any electrical application, achieving more power in less space is a major design challenge. Take large, hyper-scale data centers for example. In these facilities, device and rack-level densities are critical to optimizing operation. Our high-power, Barracuda-series QBVE094A0S10R7 DC-DC converters provide a power density and configuration flexibility that enables board engineers to design in the negative space”, said Karim Wassef, general manager — embedded power product line, GE’s Critical Power business.


The DC-DC converters are PMBus-equipped and support 10.7-volt intermediate bus applications where multiple low voltages are subsequently generated using point-of-load modules. The converters feature over-current, over-voltage and over-temperature protection, and offer a wide operation temperature range of -20 C to 85 C.

A load-share feature of the new converters includes a Power-Good/over-temperature warning signal to report any single module problems, as the problems can hinder the unit’s ability to support the total load when utilized in parallel configurations.

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The new 1000-W DC-DC converters are now available.

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