OLED Digital Signage Displays Bring Unrivalled Picture Quality



LG Electronics announced digital signage displays based on revolutionary OLED technology. The new displays feature an unrivaled picture quality to make high-end display solutions available to commercial marketplace.

“With a fully established stake in the ground in the consumer marketplace, LG is now expanding the OLED reach to end-users in the commercial arena for a truly immersive viewing experience that’s unlike anything they’ve ever seen. LG Electronics USA Business Solutions. LG is able to empower business owners and system integrators to reach and engage consumers in ways never thought possible by creating a lasting impression and driving businesses’ bottom line”, said Clark Brown, vice president, digital signage.


The new paper-thin, dual-sided displays are available in curved and flat configurations. The displays offer perfect blacks and incredible color even from wide viewing angles unlike any LCD/LED display can deliver. This is possible using OLED technology with which, each of the screen’s 8 million pixels can be turned on and turned off. That means blacks rendered by LG’s OLED displays are up to 200 times deeper than those of an LCD panel, creating an infinite contrast ratio and incredible colours.

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