USB Adapter Cables Help Transition To New USB Type-C


L-com announced a new series of Type-C USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 adapter cables to provide a quick and easy way to connect older peripheral devices to a new computer, or to connect new peripherals that use a Type-C connector to an older computer system.

The new cables feature simple plug & play connections to handheld devices and other peripherals where a Type-C to alternative USB type connections are required. Twisted pair data lines help reduce crosstalk and maximise cable flexibility.

The USB 2.0 adapter cables are available in many configurations including Type-C to A, Type-C to B, Type-C to Micro-B, Type-C to Mini-B 5 position and Type-C to C for low-speed applications. The USB 3.0 adapter cables are available in Type-C to A, Type-C to B and Type-C to Micro-B configurations.

“These cables save customers time and money by providing a simple way to adapt the new USB Type-C standard/interface to older devices without the need to upgrade them. They also provide a straightforward method of converting Type-C connectors to alternative USB formats without the use of an adapter,” said Dave Gallagher, Product Manager.

The new adapter cables are offered in six stock lengths. They feature 30u gold-plated connectors for repeated mating cycles, a double-shielded cable for EMI/RFI protection and fully molded connectors for strain relief.

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