Efficient Chips Replace Schottky Diodes In High-current Applications


Linear Technology introduced a rugged ideal diode-OR controller which allows power sources to be easily ORed together to increase total system power and reliability. Applications include –48V telecom power, advanced TCA Systems, network routers and switches, computer systems and servers.

The LTC4371 controller drives external N-channel MOSFETs as a low dissipation alternative to Schottky diodes in high power –48V systems. Low power dissipation and voltage loss eliminates the need for heatsinks and reduces PC board area.

The controller is said to be the most rugged diode-OR solution available as it can withstand ±300V or higher voltage transients experienced during lightning induced surges, load switching or supply short-circuit.


A built-in shunt-regulated supply with low 350µA quiescent current and high impedance drain pins enables large value external resistors to safely limit device current during such high voltage transients. External transient voltage suppressors are eliminated, saving cost and board area.

A low 15mV forward voltage drop across the ideal diode MOSFETs minimises power dissipation in high-current applications. Operating voltage range extends into the hundreds of volts due to the internal shunt regulator, while a 4.5V minimum supply allows low-voltage -5V and -12V ORing applications.

The 220ns reverse current turn-off is achieved by a powerful 2A gate driver with low propagation delay, thereby minimizing peak reverse current under catastrophic fault conditions. Open-circuit failure of the MOSFET or a series fuse is detected and signaled by a fault status output.

Specified over the 0°C to 70°C commercial and -40°C to 85°C industrial temperature ranges, the LTC4371 is offered in 10-pin MSOP and 3mm x 3mm DFN plastic packages.

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