Automotive WLAN/LTE Coexistence Filter For Overcrowded Frequency Spectrum


RFMW announced design and sales support for a high-performance, high-power Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW) bandpass filter designed to enable coexistence of WiFi and LTE signals within the same device or in close proximity to one another. Its unique power handling capability allows for implementation into access points, small-cell base stations, and other high power ISM band applications. The filter also meets stringent automotive requirements according to AEC-Q200 and is suitable for use in infotainment and telematics applications.

The 885071-A allows 2.4GHz WLAN/WiFi/Blue Tooth coexistence with 4G LTE and TD-LTE signals. With high rejection in adjacent bands B7, B38, B40 and B41, the filter allows these various technologies to operate simultaneously and in close proximity.

The filter features a bandwidth of 100MHz (2400 – 2500MHz) and operates over a temperature range of -40 to +95 degrees C. The 885071-A is offered in a hermetically sealed, 1.4×1.2mm package capable of handling higher power levels than competing technologies.

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High-Performance RF Filter For LTE Applications


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