Power Converter Offers Unparalleled Efficiency & Thermal Stability


Ericsson today announced a new high-performance DC/DC converter which delivers tightly regulated voltages to point-of-load (POL) DC/DC regulators in a range of telecom, networking and industrial applications.

The new module PKB4313D offers an input range from 36V to 75V, an output of 12V, up to 25A current handling and 300W of power. The module is compatible with the DOSA (Distributed-power Open Standards Alliance) 5-pin eighth-brick footprint standard making it suitable for intermediate bus conversion in ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) applications.

The new module delivers high-efficiency power conversion across a wide input voltage range, while keeping power losses low with excellent thermal capabilities, making it particularly useful in thermally challenging environments that have high ambient temperatures or limited airflow.


Offering efficiencies of up to 96% at 12V output at half-load, the module significantly reduces energy and cooling costs. Competitive products are said to typically dissipate 15% or more power at full load than the PKB4313D.

Martin Hägerdal, President, Ericsson Power Modules, says: “The new PKB4313D is the first in a new series of high-power advanced intermediate bus converters from Ericsson. The module combines the company’s innovative HRR topology, which has been further enhanced for this new series, together with world-class power efficiency, tightly regulated voltage capabilities and best-in-class thermal handling characteristics. Overall, the new product offers a compelling package that delivers significant competitive advantage to customers operating at the cutting edge in a range of telecom, networking and industrial applications.”

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