Fast SiC Diode Outperforms Silicon Diode In Solar Inverters & Industrial Apps


Fairchild unveiled a 1200V silicon carbide (SiC) diode featuring superior switching performance, higher reliability and low electromagnetic interference (EMI) making it ideal for next-generation solar inverters, industrial motor controls and welders which are all increasingly required to be more energy efficient at higher power densities.

“The combination of market trends and tightening industry standards is driving the need for more energy efficient products and our new 1200V SiC diode is designed specifically to help manufacturers achieve these ever-greater efficiency requirements and with better reliability, ruggedness and cost efficiency,” said Jin Zhao, Vice President and General Manager of Fairchild’s High Power Industrial division. “We based this diode on silicon carbide due to the material’s considerable advantages over silicon and we will add additional SiC-based semiconductors as we build a comprehensive family of SiC solutions.”

The FFSH40120ADN diode has the best leakage current performance leaking far less current than its competitors at temperatures up to 175 degrees Celsius.


Compared to silicon, this SiC diode reduces switching losses and hence increases efficiency with an extremely fast switching and no reverse recovery current. Faster switching also reduces the size of magnetic coils and associated passive components, which improves the product’s packaging efficiency, and reduces weight and bill-of-materials (BOM) costs.

As SiC has superior thermal performance to silicon, the diode also offers considerably greater ruggedness and reliability compared to equivalent silicon-based diodes. Further, the breakdown field of SiC is 10x higher than that of silicon and SiC also has 3x greater thermal conductivity.

Additional benefits include exceptional performance with the diode’s ability to switch stably over a wide temperature range. Also, a zero recovery voltage eliminates voltage overshoots.

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