25G Lasers For Next-Gen Data Centers


Oclaro unveiled new non-hermetic 25Gbit/s laser diodes designed to be used as high-performance light source in 100Gbit/s single-mode fiber transceivers used for next-generation data centers.

Featuring high optical performance with low operating current at high temperatures, the 1.3μm distributed feedback (DFB) laser is designed for 100Gbit/s and 25Gbit/s optical transceivers used in transmission client interface, high-end spine switch/core router interfaces and large-scale data center meshed networks.

With higher bandwidth, lower power consumption, and certification for use in non-hermetic environment, the diodes allow transceiver module designers to migrate to non-hermetic designs for reduced costs and space.


“The 25Gbit/s DFB laser diode is a critical component at the core of a new generation of 100Gbit/s transceivers optimized for data center switching applications such as QSFP28 CWDM4/CLR4,” said Yves LeMaitre, President, Optical Connectivity Business at Oclaro. “By making our lasers suitable for use in non-hermetic packages, we are enabling a faster adoption of proven telecom-grade laser technologies into data center environments.”

The diodes offer many additional benefits including excellent eye mask performance with more than 5dB extinction ratio at 60mA driving current at 70 degree C of transceiver module level. Additionally, the diodes deliver optimum optical performance leveraging cutting-edge design and mass production technology of InAlGaAs-MQW and Ridge waveguide structure.

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