200W Motors Run With Lower Losses With Intelligent Power Modules


STMicroelectronics announced new Intelligent Power Modules especially suited to increasing the efficiency and reducing cost in compressors, pumps, and fans in domestic appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines, and any low-power motors working up to 20 kHz in hard-switching circuits in an application power range up to 200W.

The new SLLIMM-nano 2nd series modules integrate three half-bridge high-voltage gate drivers, six IGBTs, and six fast and ultra-soft freewheeling recovery diodes, as well low-voltage input logic that allow the devices to implement the complete interface between a low-power microcontroller and a mains-powered three-phase electric motor.

The modules are designed to offer the best trade-off between switching and conduction losses for low-power BLDC (Brushless DC) motor applications, resulting in high efficiency and low electromagnetic interference.


Key features of the new modules include 3A-5A current rating at 25°C, with 600V breakdown voltage, mounted slot package options allowing easier and lower-cost heatsink assembly, integrated bootstrap diode for lower BOM and simplified PCB layout, 150°C maximum operating junction temperature, and smart shutdown function.

Additionally, the modules feature an integrated op amp and comparator which can be used for protection circuits while an NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) is provided for temperature monitoring. The modules are housed in N2DIP-26L packages with multiple lead options.

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