USB-C Moves Amazing 4K Video From Phone To TVs


Lattice Semiconductor and MediaTek announced new reference designs that create power efficient solutions to drive 4K UHD over a USB Type-C connector. The designs enable UHD video output on smartphones for a console quality gaming experience and home entertainment on the latest 4K TVs. The solutions also help increase the battery lives of smartphones and other mobile devices by delivering high performance features with low power consumption.

The designs leverage Lattice’s USB Type-C port controllers and MHL transceivers which can easily be paired with MediaTek’s Helio X20, a mobile processor with Tri-Cluster CPU architecture and ten processing cores (Deca-core).

MHL transmitter chips effortlessly stream up to 4K high definition video from a mobile device to a large display. For smartphones, Lattice’s SiI8348 MHL transmitter can connect to MediaTek’s Helio X20 mobile processor to drive 4K video.


The reference designs use USB port controllers chip SiI7033 for smartphones, and SiI7013 and the SiI9396 for docks and accessories. These chips simplify the implementation of video output in either MHL or DisplayPort Alternate Modes.

“MediaTek is a valuable partner and together we’re enabling 4K video output on smartphones so users can experience console quality gaming and home entertainment on the latest 4K UHD TVs,” said C.H. Chee, senior director of consumer marketing at Lattice Semiconductor.

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