Ultrafast Diodes Suit High-Frequency Applications

Power Semiconductor Schottky Diode MBR Hi Res

Littelfuse has added two new series of extremely fast switching diodes ideal for UPS, high frequency SMPS and DC-DC converters, and as freewheeling and polarity protection diodes. Both series are designed to meet the general requirements of commercial and industrial applications.

While the MBR Series Schottky Barrier Rectifiers suit the above applications, the DUR Series Ultrafast Rectifiers can also be used as anti-parallel diodes for high frequency switching devices such as IGBTs. Other applications include inductive heating/melting and ultrasonic cleaners and welders.

The MBR Series’ extremely fast switching speeds and DUR Series’ ultrafast switching speed and very low reverse recovery time make them suitable for high frequency applications with minimal switching loss. The DUR Series’ high blocking voltage (up to 1200V) and low leakage makes it suitable for high voltage applications.


Both series offer very low forward voltage drop and less heat dissipation than conventional diodes, thereby reducing thermal and electrical conduction losses. Their high junction temperature capability improves reliability in high ambient temperatures or applications with minimal cooling available.

Depending on their ratings, the MBR Series is available in a variety of package types, including D2PAK/TO-263, DPAK/TO-252, ITO-220AB, TO-220AB, TO-220AC and TO 247AD. DUR Series Ultrafast Rectifiers are also available in various package types, including D2PAK/TO-263, DPAK/TO-252, ITO-220AB, TO-220AB, ITO-220AC, TO-220AC, TO-247AC and TO-247AD.

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