Processor Supports HD Images And Videos In Dual-Camera Smartphones


MediaTek announced a new image signal processor (ISP) for dual camera smartphones allowing smartphone users to capture high-definition photos or videos easily. The Imagiq ISP integrates a number of advanced imaging technologies and videography features to enhance image and video quality.

According to Mediatek, the new ISP will be used in its high-end mobile systems on chip (SoCs) such as Helio P20 and Helio X20, as well as future SoCs, allowing smartphone manufacturers to customize their choice of features according to their needs.

“Competing in the smartphone industry today requires shifting from focusing on hardware and specifications to content and experience, meaning multimedia technology advancements are the key to winning future smartphone market share,” said Kelvin Jou, Chief Technology Officer and Corporate Vice President, MediaTek.

“The camera is an important channel for the mobile device to capture and generate content from the outside world. Imagiq combines a number of advanced technologies that enable cameras to capture and generate high-quality images and video content, transforming smartphones’ photography experiences”, said Kelvin.

As more and more high-end smartphones are incorporating dual-camera support, the new chip integrates numerous features to significantly enhance the dual photography experience.  A ‘Depth of Field’ (DOF) feature allows the smartphone to smartly position the object and background and apply creative effects to each layer in real time to produce photos or videos with DOF effects. Image noise is reduced with ‘Bayer and Mono Cameras’. A ‘Dual Camera Zoom’ helps to dramatically increase image clarity when shooting distant objects.

Imagiq also offers a rich set of videography features including electronic image stabilization (EIS) and gyro, 4K HDR shooting, temporal noise reduction, and more.

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