40V MOSFETs Target Automotive Applications


Diodes Incorporated introduced two new automotive-compliant 40V MOSFETs ideally suited for use in high ambient temperatures up to +175°C. The DMTH4004SPSQ is designed for high-power (>750W) brushless DC motor (BLDC) applications, such as water and fuel pumps, while the DMTH4005SPSQ is suited to lower power BLDC applications, such as auxiliary pumps and heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems.

Both the MOSFETs are designed according to the rigorous demands of three phase BLDC motor control applications. They are 100 per cent avalanche tested, ensuring a robust design that is able to withstand the high pulses of reverse avalanche energy that can occur with inductive loads.

The maximum on-state resistances of DMTH4004SPSQ and DMTH4005SPSQ are 2.7mΩ and 4mΩ respectively at a gate-source voltage of 10V. A low gate charge minimises power losses.


The new MOSFETs offer high efficiency owing to their POWERDI5060-8 package with low thermal resistance. This allows for a maximum junction temperature of 175°C which ensures a high operating temperature.

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