Free C Compiler For 8-bit MCUs


STMicroelectronics has made available the C compiler for STM8 8-bit microcontrollers free of charge. The Cosmic C-compiler for STM8 (COS-C-COMPILER) supports entire STM8 family up to 128KB, with no restrictions on code size. The MCUs include STM8S Access-Line MCUs, the STM8L ultra-low-power MCUs, and the STM8AF and STM8AL automotive MCUs.

The STM8S-DISCOVERY hardware kit is available to begin prototyping with these 8-bit microcontrollers. Priced at just US$ 8, it supports over 120 devices with versatile configurations of on-chip memory, package styles, and peripherals such as communication interfaces, timers, and converters.

“The STM8 family is now even more attractive in the 8-bit arena, the largest market sector, roughly 40 per cent of microcontroller sales,” said Michel Buffa, Group VP, General Manager, Microcontroller Division, STMicroelectronics. “We are committed to ensuring that STM8 devices are chosen to power the majority of the tens of millions of applications that rely on the simplicity and economy of 8-bit microcontrollers.”

“Cosmic has been working with ST on several generations of STM8 microcontrollers, and our C compiler, CXSTM8, is a perfect fit for this architecture,” said Luca Ubiali, Key Account Manager at Cosmic. “We are happy that its best-in-class performance and flexibility are now freely available to all STM8 users. Moreover, as project safety requirements increase, CXSTM8 field-proven reliability can be easily completed with Cosmic’s Unit Testing and RunTime Core Validation products.”

The new free Cosmic CXSTM8 C compiler can be fully integrated in ST Visual Develop IDE and debugger. STVD is part of the free ST microcontroller toolset that also includes the ST Visual Programmer (STVP) programming interface, the ST Assembler Linker, and STMStudio for fine-tuning application behavior.

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ST Visual Develop (STVD) provides an easy-to-use, efficient environment for start-to-finish control of application development, from building and debugging application code, to programming the microcontroller. It provides a software-based simulator and handles low-cost RLink and ST-LINK in-circuit debugger/programmers, and the STice advanced emulator for STM8 microcontrollers.

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