Central Controller Board For Automated Driving


TTTech and Audi developed a central automotive engine control unit ‘zFAS’ integrating various functionalities of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). The ECU also enables fusion of data from a wide range of sensors to act as a central interface for different systems. Microcontrollers from Infineon and TTTech’s real-time Ethernet solutions are the key components of the new ADAS solution.

A wide range of sensor information comes together in the zFAS. The controller uses the information to quickly compute a complete model of vehicle surroundings and makes this information available to the various assistance systems. It is thus the central interface for all piloted driving functions.

The ECU is designed to meet the rapidly increasing performance demand of active and passive assistance systems such as piloted driving on congested highways and piloted parking. It also caters to the requirements concerning functional safety, connectivity and computing capacity.

For reliable, real-time Ethernet, the platform controller uses TTTech’s Deterministic Ethernet solution. It enables the combination of data traffic of different criticality with a high data throughput. The ECU uses AURIX TC297T microcontrollers from Infineon ideal for its highest requirements.

“We are delighted to provide our high-performance AURIX microcontrollers as the centerpiece for the future-proof platform solution zFAS. Thus, we are further expanding a fruitful partnership with TTTech. Infineon’s AURIX TC297T microcontrollers with their lockstep architecture and a special safety management unit can host multiple safety-related functions up to ASIL D”, said Thomas Boehm, responsible for Autonomous Driving MCUs at Infineon.

TTTech has also developed an evaluation platform for driver assistance system ECUs, called TTA Drive. It enables customers to quickly and simply integrate different application modules at an early stage of series development. A software named TTIntegration to support this integration and a tool-set specifically developed for TTA Drive are also available.

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