12MP Image Sensor Improves Picture Quality In Smartphones


Samsung Electronics announced its newest 12 megapixel (Mp) image sensor for smartphones intended to improve quality of mobile phone pictures. Leveraging Dual Pixel technology used in DSLR cameras, the image sensor ensures clear and sharp images especially for moving objects even in poor lighting conditions.

The new 1.4μm-pixel image sensor is equipped with Dual Pixel technology that has been reserved for DSLR cameras. The technology enables rapid auto-focus for fast photo shooting while producing premium image quality on mobile devices, even in low light situations.

“With 12 million pixels working as a phase detection auto-focus (PDAF) agent, the new image sensor brings professional auto-focusing performance to a mobile device,” said Ben K. Hur, Vice President of Marketing, System LSI Business at Samsung Electronics. “Consumers will be able to capture their daily events and precious moments instantly on a smartphone as the moments unfold, regardless of lighting conditions.”


With Dual pixel technology, the sensor has two photodiodes on each pixel as compared to a conventional image sensor which dedicates less than 5 per cent of its pixels and has one photodiode (that converts light particles into measurable photocurrent for phase detection) on each of its pixels.

A faster auto-focus is possible with the new Dual Pixel image sensor as each pixel is capable of detecting phase differences of perceived light. This allows clear and sharp images for moving objects even in poor lighting conditions. The image sensor reduces color cross talk to maximize performance using Samsung’s ISOCELL technology, which isolates the photodiodes in each pixel with a physical wall.

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The sensor’s size is kept to a minimum using cutting-edge chip-stacking technology. The Dual Pixel image sensor stacks a 65nm sensor and 28nm logic chip together ideal for today’s sleek smartphones.

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