Efficient RF Power Transistor For TV Broadcasting


Ampleon announced a RF power transistor designed to shorten time to market for Doherty transmitter applications in the UHF band and digital video broadcasting. The BLF888E helps reduce the energy consumption in the end-application with a high efficiency of greater than 50 per cent.

The device shows efficiency improvements using a sixth generation high voltage LDMOS process for fabrication. An average DVB-T power output of 150 Watt means a 25 per cent increase in output power over previous devices. This is one of the highest power levels available from a single transistor for such broadcast applications.

Additionally, the amplifier provides a high bandwidth of 120MHz per sub-band compared to the industry norm of 40 – 50 MHz narrow bands for similar applications. Three evaluation boards are available for the 470 – 590 MHz, 580 – 690 MHz and 650 – 790 MHz sub-bands. The device has a 1:1.5 main/peak power ratio and driven from a 50 VDC supply.


Thijs Tullemans, Senior Director Marketing BU Multi-Market, Ampleon comments, “With the introduction of the BLF888E we demonstrate our thought leadership in the RF Power Broadcast market by crossing the 50 per cent mark and taking efficiency to the next level. Along with the BLF888E, our application specialists have also developed three evaluation boards that cover the entire UHF band (470-800MHz). These help enable our customers to shorten the time-to-market for their UHF TV power amplifiers.”

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