Compact Board For 5G Embedded Development


Trenz Electronic has launched an extremely compact embedded module designed to deliver high performance demanded by next generation multi-tasking embedded systems in the automotive, broadcast, communications, industrial, medical, mil/aero, and T&M markets. Such systems include 5G wireless, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), and industrial IoT applications.

The TE0808 UltraSoM+ is a system-on-module offered in a small 52mm x 76mm form factor. The module is built around Xilinx’s Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC as the processing engine with up to 4GB of DDR4 SDRAM main memory, up to 512MB of Flash for configuration and operation, and assembly options to add additional volatile or non-volatile memory. Supported devices include Micron XTRMFlash and Spansion/Cypress HyperRAM or HyperFlash devices.

An onboard SMPS includes 14 DC/DC converters and 13 LDO regulators controlled by an ultra-low power MCU with power-saving modes. Upto 480 terminals for high-speed transceiver I/O’s to the processor and FPGA are provided with stacking connectors. An ultra-low jitter PLL provides all required clocks to the 20 serial transceivers.


The Zynq’s processing chip offers flexible development of embedded systems. Designers can use a scalable 32 or 64-bit data-width. Dedicated processing blocks for critical applications like graphics and video pipelining are available. To improve power efficiency, the blocks can be turned on and off through efficient power domains and gated power islands.

Features such as a wide range of connectivity options, DSP architectural blocks, on-chip memory and programmable logic capacity make it a perfect fit for cost-sensitive, single platform applications using industry-standard tools. An upcoming UltraITX+ companion baseboard will enable the TE0808 UltraSoM+ to be installed in standard PC enclosures.

High-speed End-launch Connectors Foster mmWave System Development

“The TE0808 UltraSoM+ is the first implementation of the Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC in a system-on-module”, said Thorsten Trenz, CEO of Trenz Electronic. “In many ways, the technological advantage it delivers is so significant that it is hard to scope. It gives design engineers the technical edge they have been looking for as they grapple with the significant demands of developing the next generation of multi-tasking embedded systems.”

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