Wideband PLL+VCO Chips Offer Lowest Phase Noise


TI introduced new high-performance phase-locked loops (PLLs) with integrated voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs). These new wideband devices support output frequencies of up to 9.8GHz, allowing a single device to support various frequency bands in end applications including test and measurement, defense, microwave backhaul, satellite, and wireless communications equipment.

Designers can use these single-chip devices LMX2582 and LMX2592 to achieve a level of performance previously possible only through several discrete devices. This is possible because of their industry’s lowest phase-noise performance with a noise of -231 dBc/Hz.

According to TI, these devices are the industry’s first PLLs with integrated VCO to meet the multicarrier wireless Global System for Mobile (GSM) Communication standard. With a high PLL phase-noise performance, the devices meet the low noise floor requirements for clocking high speed ADCs like TI’s RF sampling ADC12J4000.


An expanded frequency range allows designers to use one PLL for a range of wideband system designs eliminating the need for multiple narrowband devices. The LMX2592 supports 20MHz to 9.8GHz, and the LMX2582 supports up to 5.5GHz.

Other benefits are improved spur performance and an integrated architecture consisting of Low-dropout regulators (LDOs) and a channel divider. LDO’s manage power-supply variations and improve noise immunity. A channel divider lets designers configure up to two differential outputs.

Tools and support to speed design include evaluation modules (EVMs), the LMX2592EVM and LMX2582EVM. A WEBENCH Clock Architect online design tool from TI is also available to simplify the design.

The chips are available in a 40-pin, 6mm x 6mm quad flat no-leads (QFN) package.

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