Programmable DSP Modules Simplify Audio System Designs


Cliff Electronics has unveiled its new range of fully programmable digital signal processing audio effect modules which are cost effective and simple to incorporate into audio system designs. Typical applications include guitar, keyboard and entertainer amplifiers and combos, audio and powered mixing consoles, effects pedals, Karaoke systems and mono to stereo converters for surround effect enhancing.

The modules are designed for use in musical instrument amplification and mixing consoles. Key features include a wide range of digital reverb, echo and delay special effects, including chorus, flanging, pitch shifting, spring reverb and emulation.

The modules are fully user programmable with a range of built-in presets for user convenience, which can be modified, if required. The modules include a FM68030 dual sound controller, a FM68031, a FM68032 2 input / 4 output sound controller and the FM68033 quad channel sound controller.

Versatile programming and parameter control methods include potentiometers, binary or Gray coded rotary switches, momentary push switches, rotary quadrature encoders, USART and SPI interfaces, USB interface (no VCP).

Programming from a PC using the supplied RC1 software allows all characteristics to be fully updated in real time. Details are shown on screen and on an alpha-numerical display. Programming and control software is included with each purchase.

PCBs use surface mounted components including custom designed CMOS LSI digital processors. Function and parameter indication may be shown on LED dot-matrix displays, 7 segment LED displays or 2×16 – 4×4 character LCD displays.

John Hall, general manager of Cliff Electronics, comments; “Our range of digital signal processing audio effect modules increases our product offering to the audio industry, where we are already recognised as an innovative and highly reliable component source. We have been supplying components to the music and pro-audio markets for four decades and are always looking for new opportunities to grow our business in this global market.”

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