Self-powered IoT Starter Kits For Makers And Industry


element14 has launched two self-powered IoT starter kits using energy harvesting wireless sensors to provide a flexible and cost-effective solution for developing intelligent building products for homes, airports, and other places. The kits leverage energy harvesting wireless sensors from EnOcean and IoT Platform from IBM. While the Enterprise kit is targeted for engineers and makers, the Entrepreneur kit is helpful for industrial applications.

“In our increasingly digital world element14 is committed to pushing the boundaries of today’s electronics landscape, and the Entrepreneur kit and Enterprise solution are confident steps in the right direction. By joining with EnOcean and IBM, we hope to enhance and broaden today’s IoT landscape and lay a sound framework that inspires future innovations”, said David Shen, Group Chief Technology Officer, Premier Farnell.

The Entrepreneur solution includes EnOcean’s self-powered sensors, a Raspberry Pi and EnOcean Pi boards from element14, and provides access to the IBM Watson IoT Platform and BlueMix services from IBM.


The Enterprise kit includes EnOcean OEM self-powered sensors, EnOcean Gateway from element14, as well as access to IBM’s Watson IoT Platform and IBM TRIRIGA facilities management software.

“The possibilities of the Internet of Things are huge and will take intelligent buildings to the next level of energy-efficiency, security and comfort. We are combining field-proven energy harvesting wireless sensors with the IBM Watson IoT Platform for a smart, cloud-based solution that provides new forms of automation. It’s great that element14 is opening these capabilities to developers and companies with two customised kits for an easy start into the world of the self-powered IoT”, said Andreas Schneider, Chief Marketing Officer, EnOcean GmbH.

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EnOcean’s self-powered, wireless sensors for energy harvesting work without batteries to capture and transmit data across an IoT network. They use miniaturised energy converters, which gain energy from motion, light and temperature of the surrounding environment. A complete energy harvesting platform for OEM’s includes these converters along with wireless modules, energy management and ultra-low power radio communication.

With the IBM Watson IoT Platform, organisations can securely and easily connect chips, intelligent appliances, applications and industry solutions. The platform allows easy access to the IoT devices and data.

New kits are officially launching both at IBM Interconnect 2016 in Las Vegas and Embedded World 2016 in Nuremberg. Both products are expected to be available from Newark element14 in North America, Farnell element14 in Europe and element14 in Asia-Pacific in early April.

A wide range of technical information, tools and resources regarding the kits can be found on element14’s Community and Design Center.

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