Embedded Fingerprint Module For Key Fobs, Door Locks And More


NEXT Biometrics recently introduced the 1411-S, a complete low-cost, embedded fingerprint module which can be integrated into a range of applications like a key fob, door locks, portable hard drives, safety boxes, smart card readers, remote control or a token, where there is no pin-code or password offered as a backup. The combination of large area and low cost of the module allow use of fingerprinting in these applications.

Tore Etholm-Idsoe, CEO of NEXT Biometrics, says, “For the first time the market is offered a full size, high quality sensor solution combined with embedded processing, and all done at a low cost.

It relies on the NEXT sensor chipset combined with a high performance security processor to provide a complete fingerprint system solution that supports in-module fingerprint recognition (extraction and matching) as well as fingerprint template storage. The module connects to the host system via an SPI interface using a flex cable.

The embedded sensor module works with the patented NEXT Active Thermal principle. The sensor technology is tolerant against dirt, water and varying environmental conditions. The large active area of the NB-1411-S allows stable imaging, intuitive user operation and is ideally suited for mass market applications in need of both security and convenience. 

NEXT Biometrics offers a turnkey biometric subsystem by providing host libraries for a variety of platforms including M4 embedded microcontrollers and Windows 10 IoT.

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