Chip Implements 3D Dashboard In Cars


Renesas announced new R-Car D1 Series SoC specialized for 3D instrument cluster systems aiming to allow more and more automotive system manufacturers use 3D graphics instrument cluster systems.

The R-Car D1 series enables rapid startup for instrument cluster system so that the system can instantly display the screen or output audio run at high speed. To implement high-reliability systems, R-Car D1 supports the ISO 26262 standard for automotive functional safety. This helps instrument cluster systems to continuously monitor whether or not correct information is being output and immediately detect any malfunction.

For ease of design, the R-Car D1 includes wide variety of communications interfaces required in an instrument cluster system including Ethernet AVB for connection with navigation systems, USB to connect with smartphones, and CAN-FD to connect with automotive infotainment systems.


Additionally, to prevent hacking from outside the system to implement safe and secure systems, the RH850 32-bit MCU that includes hardware security functions can be combined with the R-Car D1.

The SoC includes the same 2D graphics system as that used in the RH850/D1M MCUs from Renesas, which can implement both gauge control and 2D graphics display with a single chip and is already used in a wide range of cars. So system manufacturers can make use of the 2D graphics development assets of these MCUs and develop 3D graphics systems for the R-Car D1.

To view full press release, click here.

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