3M’s Multi-touch Display Device for Signages


3M announced the worldwide launch of its new projected capacitive (PCAP) Multi-Touch systems using 3M proprietary ultrafine Metal Mesh conductor design. The new systems are for displays ranging in size from 15 to 65 inches including digital signage, regulated gaming, retail, automotive showrooms, public venues, museums and more.

The new 3M PCAP Systems include a conductive layer of ultrafine metal mesh design with ultra-fine three micron conductors, which allow a more vibrant, high quality optical viewing experience when integrated into a Multi-Touch Display.

Other features include the ability to project through glass up to five millimetres thick, a bezel-free design and support for up to 80 simultaneous touch points for a more natural multi-user interactive experience.

This new technology overcomes design and optical challenges found in other PCT solutions by utilising advanced optical modelling techniques. The result is a sensor designed to work universally on 2K and 4K applications across a range of sizes, including planar (curved) screens, while maintaining high image quality and touch responsiveness.

Furthermore, this innovative technology minimises moiré and sparkle (problems known in other PCAP systems), and offers both equipment manufacturers and display integrators a more durable, scalable and easy-to-integrate, Multi-Touch system that can be customised to meet customer-specific applications.

“Our new sensor technology, based on proprietary ultrafine metal mesh design, allows developers and integrators to take a piece of glass and turn it into an exciting multi-touch and real multi-user customer experience. This advanced technology builds on our existing and established range of PCAP multi-touch systems, which have been meeting the needs of system designers and users in various industries and applications for years. 3M has been developing leading-edge interactive solutions for more than 30 years and is renowned for its solid science and dependable support. The technology is supported by a network of both local and global 3M teams”, says Paolo Pedrazzoli, marketing operations manager, 3M Touch Systems EMEA.


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