Humanoid Robots Perform Tedious Manufacturing Tasks


Aviation giant Airbus and researchers work together to deploy humanoid robots in airplane assembly lines in a joint robotics research programme.

The use of robotics has become ubiquitous in our industry. Both AIST and CNRS researchers along with Airbus are at the cutting edge of further development of the humanoid robotics technology for manufacturing, says Airbus.

The programme will be dedicated to get humanoid robots to perform complex manufacturing tasks in factories. The majority of work will be conducted at the CNRS-AIST JRL in Japan.


Airbus Group and the CNRS-AIST JRL are also collaborating on COMANOID, a research project aiming at deploying humanoid robots to achieve non-added value tasks that have been identified by Airbus Group in civilian airliner assembly operations.

Introducing humanoid technology into aeronautical assembly lines is expected to support human operators in performing the most tedious and dangerous parts of the manufacturing process, freeing up highly skilled workers to perform higher, value-added tasks.

Designing robots with a humanoid form will enhance both their dexterity and versatility, making them suitable for tackling a large range of tasks in a variety of environments, all without having to make significant changes to manufacturing processes.

Viable humanoid robotics require development of new algorithms in multi-contact planning and control to give robots the sort of human ‘hand-eye coordination’ that will allow them to function effectively in confined and poorly accessible spaces. These algorithms will be tested on a set of use-cases, in which the realism and complexity will be increased every year.

Project will be based on the JRL’s HRP-2 and HRP-4 robots (human-sized humanoid research platforms). The project will be supervised by a scientific board composed of Airbus, AIST and CNRS members, and a steering board including representatives of all three project partners, and JSPS and METI.



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