Power Converters for Railways Offering 93 Per Cent Efficiency


Two DC/DC power converters which perform at 93 per cent high-efficiency, saving energy and reducing power dissipation, are announced by Powerbox. The ENAR150D series includes an extensive set of accessories to simplify power integration into trains and related vehicles.

With railway modernization, the ENAR150D series is designed for demands such as on board Wi-Fi, GSM and LTE, video systems and telemetry requiring very efficient and flexible power solutions. High efficiency power switching and optimized topology are said to improve MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) and reduce component count by 25% compared to conventional topologies.

The devices utilise latest planar-on-board technology to improve power dissipation and robustness towards shocks and vibration. The two new products, ENAR150D24 and ENAR150D110 deliver 150W output power, with a typical efficiency of 93 per cent and are housed in slim packaging of 18.5mm width, making possible to integrate the power modules in tight and confined environments.

Designed to operate from 24VDC (16.8 – 30VDC) or 110VDC (77 – 137.5VDC), the devices feature dual isolated 12V outputs that can be combined in four different modes, independent, parallel, serial and symmetrical, based on final application requirements. If additional power is required, the devices can be connected in parallel, without adding any external component, using passive current sharing technology.

Low component count and reliable components contribute to an MTBF of 500,000 hours at +45⁰C. The products have 18.5mm width, 111mm height and 162mm depth, and designed to fit into a 19-inch (48.26cm) rack as specified in the IEC 60297-3. According to the EN50155, the ENAR150D operates in temperatures from -40⁰C to +70⁰C.

Design Verification Platform For Equivalency Checking

Operating within confined environments, without force air cooling, embedded electronics in trains and related vehicles require very efficient cooling through conduction. The series is optimised for conduction cooling along with a wall mounting kit if additional cooling surface is required. The unit has an isolation input to output of 2100VAC, output to case of 1000VAC and output one to output two of 500VDC.

The products have reverse polarity protection, a current limitation at 115 per cent of the load, with automatic recovery, over voltage protection operating at 120-130 per cent of nominal voltage, individual output short circuit and over-temperature protection. The units feature inrush current limiting when a large number of modules are powered at start-up.

The units are EMC approved in accordance to the EN50155, EN50121-3-2, conducted and radiated emissions according to EN55011 and EN50121-3-2, radiated electromagnetic field to EN61000-4-3 20V/m, fast transients EN61000-4-4, surge EN61000-4-5, conducted RF EN61000-4-6 and ESD tested to EN61000-4-2.


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