MCUs Add Extra Features


The STM32L4 microcontroller series from STMicroelectronics now has an extra set of features offering an unrivalled combination of energy efficiency and high peak performance. Simplifying design and increasing flexibility, the MCUs are ideal for Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices, such as wearables or home-automation controllers, industrial and medical devices and smart meters.

The latest STM32L4 MCU series achieves 176.70 ULPMark-CP1 without a buck converter that adds external components such as a coil and capacitor. High peak performance and energy efficiency are showcased by a EEMBC CoreMark score of 273.55 at 80MHz. The MCUs also benefit from the wide temperature range and high on-chip memory density to achieve a robust single-chip solution.

The STM32L471 & STM32L475 MCUs bring 100DMIPS ARM Cortex-M4 core performance to lightweight applications that require up to 256KB Flash. The STM32L433 also has an LCD controller. Both MCUs support package options including 7x7mm UFBGA100, 3.14×3.13mm WLCSP49, and UFQPN32.

The performance and efficiency advantages come from smart architectural features such as independently adjustable peripheral supply voltages, a programmable multi-speed internal clock, Batch Acquisition Mode (BAM) and an Adaptive Real-Time Accelerator (ART Accelerator). In addition, energy-consumption is minimised with multiple power-management modes including ultra-low-power 8nA shutdown.

The STM32L471 combines up to 1MB Flash with rich analog and audio features for projects that require no LCD controller or USB connectivity. The STM32L475 has a USB OTG full speed controller, multiple timers, clock sources, and communication interfaces including CAN, SDMMC, USART, SPI, and I2C. The analog peripherals include 5 MSPS 12-bit ADCs, power-saving modes, two 12-bit DACs, two op-amps with built-in programmable gain amplifier (PGA), and two ultra-low-power comparators.

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