Murata’s Latest Capacitor


Murata announced monolithic ceramic capacitors which are thought to be the first in the world of 0201 size (0.6×0.3mm) with a capacitance rating of 1,000pF. This capacitor will enable more compact devices to be built and will have applications in portable communication devices, communication modules, wireless equipment and other portable technology in which miniaturisation is paramount.

The capacitors, GRM0335C1E102JA01 and GRM0332C1E102JA01, are ideally suited in applications where sophisticated functionality leads to high temperatures in devices, which requires higher capacitance values. Also, these capacitors are able to maintain stable characteristics in spite of temperature fluctuations or DC bias.

The 1000pF, 25V temperature-compensation capacitors with CH/C0G characteristics increase the maximum capacitance of 220pF available previously in 0201 size (0.6×0.3mm) 25V capacitors. The size/capacitance advance will also provide greater flexibility to circuit designers.

The capacitors are currently in mass production

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