Digital Isolator That’s Four Times Faster


Analog Devices introduced a low-voltage differential signal (LVDS) digital isolator series designed to improve performance, reliability and power consumption in industrial instrumentation and programmable logic controller (PLC) applications that previously required redesign of the interface to support LVDS signal isolation.

With the new ADN465x devices, high-speed serial LVDS signals can now be directly isolated without needing to deserialize as compared to previous implementations. Design resources and time are saved by offering a high-performance, LVDS-compatible solution.

Key features of LVDS digital isolators include 600-Mbps throughput, 4.5-ns max propagation delay, 70-ps total jitter, 10-kVpk basic and 6-kV reinforced surge protection ratings, 5 KVrms withstand & 350-Vrms working voltage. Apart from these, the devices feature 3-channel configurations, LVDS fail-safe options and a flexible 2.5/3.3V supply.

In industrial PLC backplanes, data generated from an increasing number of sensors is distributed between processing nodes for improved control, while also maintaining robustness to interference. The new LVDS digital isolators are fully compliant to the TIA/EIA-644-A standard with advanced I/O extension integration across meters of cable at high signal rates.

Smart power quality analyzers that enable real-time analysis of grid supply require precise data at high speeds. In addition to supporting up to 600-Mbps data rates, the LVDS digital isolators support 300MHz clocks to enable isolation of precision convertors with LVDS interfaces.

Source synchronous interfaces are supported with low channel-to-channel skew of 200ps. Ultra-low additive phase jitter of 380fs enables A/D converter sampling clocks to be isolated while maintaining low aperture jitter for full A/D converter performance and resolution.

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