LRM Connectors Suit Military And Aerospace Use


TE Connectivity’s innovative modular connector system designed for next-generation packaging from avionics boxes to military ground vehicles  is now being stocked by Mouser. The Fortis Zd LRM connector system is suitable for a variety of military and aerospace applications including avionics, radar interface, vehicle mission computers and communication hubs.

The connector system features a rugged, lightweight multi-bay shell that accepts high-speed digital signal, power, radio-frequency (RF), and optical modules. With TE’s Fortis Zd interconnect technology, the connector system features popular line-replaceable modules (LRMs) so engineers can quickly replace the modules onsite while minimizing downtime. The modular design, with common bay size, is also easy to configure for specific application needs and allows designers to position modules where required.

The connector system features four-point M55320 box contacts, provides electrical stability in high-vibration environments, and includes precision guide hardware and shell features that help ensure reliable plug-in and excellent stability under extreme vibration.


The connector system utilizes high-speed Fortis Zd modules that support data rates up to 12 Gbps. High-power modules support 55 amps per contact, and low-power modules support 15 amps per contact. The connectors are durable, withstanding 500 mating cycles and feature an operating temperature range from ‑65 to +125 degrees Celsius.

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