Customisable SMT Tact Switches


Designed for automotive, industrial, medical & aircraft applications, the new IP67 KSC Series ultra long life switches from C&K Components are completely customisable with regard to haptics, resistance & durability.

The four new SMT tact switches deliver up to five million cycles. Featuring momentary action functionality, single-pole, single-throw (SPST) contact arrangement, the switches are available with a wide variety of actuators designed for application requirements with regard to dimensions, haptics, tactile resistance, and durability.

The customisable haptic and acoustic response of these switches makes them ideal for interior automotive controls, and their IP67 sealing and durability make them well suited for exterior automotive applications, including door handles and trunk openers.

Their durability, rugged sealing, and resistance against steam and corrosive agents make them an ideal solution for harsh industrial applications, such as fire alarm detectors and anti-tampering applications. These features, in combination with the series’ excellent tactile feedback, also enable KSC Series switches to be used in surgery tools and other medical applications, cockpit control units, high-end stereo equipment, and network infrastructure and IT equipment.

Features of all KSC Series SMT tact switches including the KSC2, KSC4, KSC7, and KSC10 are: dielectric strength ≥250Vrms, contact resistance <0.1Ω, insulation resistance >10MΩ, and bounce time <1ms. The switches are rated for 32VDC maximum voltage, 50mA maximum current for silver contacts (-40°C and 85°C), and 10mA maximum current for gold contacts (-40°C and 125°C).

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