New LEDs Offer Peak Light Efficacies


Samsung had added new LEDs in its mid-power LED line-up to provide increased efficacies for use in premium luminaires. The latest LM561 LEDs, the LM561B+ and LM561C, are claimed to provide an industry-leading performance level by providing 190lm/W and 200lm/W of light efficacy respectively.

The LM561 series has been in use for indoor lighting applications including LED Lamps, L-Tubes, ambient lighting and downlights. By leveraging the chromaticity control standard with the LM561B+, manufacturers will be able to make lighting products that deliver greater uniformity and consistency in light color without any visible difference in the color output between packages.

“By now offering premium light quality to a greater number of customers with our LM561B+ LED packages, we are able to provide superior performance on a much wider scale. To date, we have achieved outstanding performance in all of our mid-power LED packages,” said Jaewook Kwon, vice president, Lighting Marketing Group, LED Business Team, Samsung Electronics.

Samsung plans to extend its offering of 3-step MacAdam ellipse bins and quarter bins for the LM561C across all CCTs (from 2700K to 6500K) later this year.

In addition, for its high color rendering LM561B+ devices with over 90 CRI, Samsung plans to apply advanced phosphor control technology, which will lead to approximately 15 per cent higher flux performance.

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