Fastest I2C Level Translators


Pericom Semiconductor announced two I²C /SMbus level translating chips claimed to have the lowest 0.6V I/O voltage in the industry and two Universal Level Shifter (ULS) products with highest data rate (280 Mbps). The devices find applications in server, storage, networking and ultra mobile segments with volume shipment.

Designers are faced with varying interface level requirements owing to different technologies of the system blocks. ULS products are required to translate voltage differential when the signal voltages are different between the external source or interface and the internal SoC.

The PI6ULS5V9617A and PI6ULS5V9627A are 2- and 4-channel I²C level shifters supporting 1 MHz frequency, ultra low 0.6V I/O Voltage, and high ESD (8KV HBM) protection. Both are designed for I²C/SMbus Protocol, bi-directional traffic and automatic detection of traffic direction. The current buffer offers driving capability, which can extend I²C/SMbus length up to 1.5 meters of 28AWG copper cable and connect multiple devices on the bus.


The PI4ULS3V502 and PI4ULS3V504 are 2- and 4-Channel Universal Level Shifters supporting up to 280Mbps data rate, 0.85V I/O Voltage and push-pull signals for GPIO and other protocols. These ULS devices have proprietary bi-directional traffic and automatic detection of traffic direction features and support data rates required in high-speed applications such as clock signals.

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