100 Drones Swarm In Formation To Set Guinness World Record


Intel set the Guinness World Record along with Ars Electronica Futurelab for having the most number of drones in the air at the same time.

On Nov. 4, 2015, Intel and Futurelab pre-programmed 100 drones and launched them in the sky to show off a spectacular light show synchronised with Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony played by a live orchestra. The swarm of drones at an altitude of about 328 feet painted a large Intel logo in the night sky.

A German company Ascending Technologies manufactured the LED-equipped quadcopters, weighing just 1.5 pounds each. The show was filmed last year but the video was initially showcased during the 2016 CES on Jan 5.


“Intel gains expertise and technology to accelerate the deployment of Intel RealSense technology into the fast growing drone market segment,” Intel says.

“Everything had come together—an idea that was crazy in the best sense of the word, a crew that brought tremendous zeal and long-term commitment to the task and, in collaboration with Intel, wanted to make the supposedly impossible a reality and went all out to achieve success”, said Anil Nanduri, GM of New Markets, Perceptual Computing, Intel.

“Drone 100 was a crazy idea that came out of a hallway conversation inside Intel, and now it has become a reality. Working with Ars Electronica Futurelab, we were able to create a formation of 100 UAVs in the sky, creating amazing images and ending with the Intel logo”, he said.

Apart from precision drone swarms performing beautiful displays, they also have many other practical purposes. The software which coordinates their movements can be used to program drones to inspect tunnels, to build structures, and to carry out military operations.

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