Simple Screw-In LED Retrofits For HIDs


Global Tech LED announced a quick and simple screw-in retrofit solution for the conversion of HID parking lot, recessed and high bay lighting to LED. The solution is said to increase energy savings and automatically adjust current for continuous maximum lumen output. The screw-in retrofit can be located on the DLC QPL listing.

Through the company’s patented LifeSync software program, the products are said to prevent light degradation by automatically adjusting the current. An Energy Savings Program automatically dims the retrofit kit during off-peak hours saving 50 per cent energy while maintaining acceptable light levels. Further, the LED retrofit is low-cost, patented and aimed to deliver tremendous returns on investment for commercial and industrial customers.

“The simplicity and ease of our screw-in product will revolutionize the LED industry. Cities throughout the world who wish to retain their existing antique fixtures, to preserve the historic look and feel that is lost with enhancements from new fixtures, now have a simple conversion option and can keep their existing fixtures”, said Gary Mart, Jr., CEO.

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