New Tech Eliminates Motor Tuning To Save Design Time


Texas Instruments added three new devices for 24-V stepper motors to its stepper motor-driver family. Two devices eliminate stepper motor tuning using TI’s AutoTune technology and two integrate current sensing to support differentiated 3D printers, robotics, factory automation equipment, currency-counting machines and more.

The DRV8880 and DRV8881 devices feature AutoTune technology which eliminates the time-consuming, iterative process of manual tuning, saving weeks or even months of design time. It also dynamically monitors the motor’s performance under varied conditions over its lifetime and adjusts decay settings appropriately. This functionality makes it possible to develop motors that run quietly and efficiently despite changes in motor properties, supply voltage, load and torque.

The new DRV8885 bipolar stepper motor driver comes with integrated current sensing. This technique eliminates two external sense resistors to accurately regulate the current to the motor, saving up to 20 per cent board space and simplifying routing compared to competing devices.


TI offers three evaluation modules to speed up development and time to market with the new components: DRV8880EVM, DRV8881EEVM (for phase/enable interface), DRV8881PEVM (for PWM interface) and DRV8885EVM evaluation modules (EVMs). Each EVM features an onboard MSP430TM microcontroller, giving designers a cost-effective development platform .

The DRV8880 and DRV8881 are available in very thin 28-pin WQFN and HTSSOP packages. The DRV8885 is available now in a 24-pin HTSSOP package while the DRV8884 will be available soon in a 24-pin HTSSOP package.

Reference Design for Protection of PLC Based Circuits.


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