New LEDs Target Smart Lighting Solutions


Osram’s new DURIS S 5 family is further improved and expanded. It consists of various white and now also colored medium power LEDs intended for smart lighting solutions and all kinds of colored lighting applications. The LEDs have compact dimensions and excellent efficiency, providing more versatility and flexibility to designers.

DURIS S 5 White provides flexibility in forward voltage and luminous flux with high lifetime even at high temperature. New phosphor, new lead frame and an upgrade of the chip bring the LEDs to a new level of performance.

The new DURIS S 5 Color has four color versions, Red, Amber, Green and Deep Blue, offering high efficacy and excellent temperature stability. The footprint of 3.0mm x 3.0mm complies with industrial standards.

All DURIS S 5 Color versions can be used in color mixing systems, as well as in combination with white LEDs. They are all based on the same chip technology using phosphor conversion to generate the saturated red, amber and green colors. Therefore they all feature the same electrical behavior and are compatible with the DURIS S 5 White, which greatly simplifies driver design.

Applications of DURIS S 5 white include retrofit, spotlights, downlighting, shelf lighting, architainment and hospitality, and industrial lighting. DURIS S 5 color finds applications in smart lighting, stage lighting, high colour quality tunable white retrofits and more.

Here Are New LED Drivers For Smart lighting & Ballast Applications


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