Transmitting 8K Video Signals Using A Single Cable


Panasonic announced that it has developed single cable and connector solution that enables the transmission of uncompressed full-spec 8K video signals. Using unique plastic optical fiber and multi-level modulation, the new connector-equipped cable enables high-quality and long distance video transmission.

Currently, to transmit video signal via connector-equipped cables from an 8K signal source or other devices to an 8K display, 4K-equivalent images are transmitted using four HDMI cables, and then they are combined to show in 8K resolution by using image processing. The newly-developed cable uses plastic optical fiber technology and claimed to achieve the transmission of full-spec 8K video via a single cable, with improved bandwidth and length.

High-speed transmission over optical fiber connector can be achieved when the optical axes are completely aligned. However, when the equipment and the cable’s connection portions are detachable, it is difficult to precisely align optical axes at the connection, leading to poor connectivity and other defects. This in turn has hampered the deployment of optical fiber cables in video transmission cables with detachable connectors.


The cables were developed with help from KAI Photonics. The cables adopt plastic optical fiber and it’s connection technology using ballpoint-pen type interconnect. Further, with Panasonic’s technology for the multi-level modulation of broadband signals, a transmission bandwidth exceeding 100 Gbps was achieved with a single cable.

The company anticipates the spread of the corporate use of 8K devices in the B2B market with the innovative connector cable technology.

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