Wearable Fitness Tracker For A Healthy Lifestyle


Cloudtag and imec launched a new wearable fitness tracker at CES 2016 which provides immediate access to accurate medical data and feedback helping in revolution in fitness wearables as well as in the care, cure and prevention cycle .

The Cloudtag TrackTM is a light and ultra-small device integrating imec’s proprietary algorithm that monitors physiological parameters with a high level of accuracy. The algorithms accurately recognises activity, measures energy expenditure, heart rate and other physiological data.

The tracking device can be tailored to match different needs and blends. By giving immediate, accurate and personalised feedback on one’s lifestyle, it enables the individual to put unhealthy habits into perspective while persuading lifestyle changes to adopt healthier diet and activity habits.


“Imec and Holst Centre develop ultra-small low-power, high-quality sensors and specialised algorithms that turn data into valuable knowledge, paving the way to next generation wearables that offer medical quality data monitoring in a frictionless way. These sophisticated wearables can support doctors in diagnosis and follow-up of illnesses, and they offer a huge opportunity in illness prevention by serving as a virtual personal coach. Our collaboration with Cloudtag is an exciting example of how imec’s technology can support the industry in realising the next generation of wearable devices”, stated Chris Van Hoof, program director of imec’s wearable health program.

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