Dual Camera Image Processors Suit Smartphones And DSLRs


Socionext introduced its “M-12MO” processor targeted at smartphones and other mobile applications. The image processors suit a broad range of applications including digital SLR cameras, smartphones and industrial equipment like security cameras.

The MBG967 is the latest addition to Milbeaut Image Processors and supports dual camera along with functionalities such as low light shot and depth map generation.

Dual camera capabilities are highly anticipated because they enable new functionalities previously considered difficult with mobile cameras. These include low light shot, which integrates images from color and monochrome sensors, to enable high-sensitivity, low-noise pictures. Another feature is the generation of depth maps, which can create background blur comparable to that of SLR cameras.

The MBG967 is equipped with two sets of 1.5Gbps MIPI-Rx 4-lane, and can process signals from two image sensors simultaneously. It also supports the latest high-speed, high-accuracy auto focus, expanding the potential of photography in the mobile environment.

The device features a dual ARM processor Core, along with a high-speed, high-accuracy auto focus which supports high speed “Phase Detect AF,” in addition to conventional “Contrast AF.” The MBG967 also supports “Laser AF” which has an advantage in the low light conditions. Its “Super Hybrid AF” utilises these three AF methods in combination, always allowing faster and more accurate AF in varying conditions.

The processors are housed in a 9.0 x 10.0 x 1.1mm package and will be available in volume shipments starting in January.

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