Audio Sensor Turns Devices Smart With Voice Control


Conexant unveiled its new low-power, audio/sensor system-on-chip (SoC) designed to allow voice control in battery-powered devices. The CX20926 is designed to enhance the audio experience for a wide range of applications that include smart voice remote controls, wearables and headsets and other smarthome applications.

The chip features an integrated ARM Cortex-M0+ 32-bit microprocessor, direct sensor interfaces and Conexant’s dual-core 32-bit audio DSP. Available in a 50-QFN package, the device enables reduced footprint and lower BOM costs for a number of applications from voice-input remotes that wake up with a push of a button to headsets and next-generation smart phones with their increasingly intelligent personal assistants and IoT devices that await a user’s command.

An interesting feature of the chip is its low-power voice wake-up capabilities. The use of voice as a means of control requires that devices like remotes and headsets are constantly listening for commands and waking up quickly to answer. With the CX20926, devices are always listening for a wake-up voice command in an ultra low-power state, and the rest of the device is powered off, thereby saving battery drain.


In addition, a unique Smart Source Pickup (SSP) noise suppression algorithm cuts noise such as playback from the device’s speaker and environmental noise, and allows users to be at any angle relative to the product’s microphones and still receive clear voice communication and commands.

Further, with an ARM M0+ sensor processor, and a direct interface to sensors, the chip acts as an optimized audio/sensor hub that can combine contextual information from motion sensors with audio information from microphones to provide a compelling audio and voice experience.

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“Voice as an interface is a trend that we identified years ago. Since then, our technology has been adopted by major TV, PC, tablet and smart phone manufacturers all over the globe. Our new chip takes everything we’ve done for these markets and brings it to low-power, battery-run applications -paving the way for consumers to use their voice to take control of the devices they use most”, said Saleel Awsare, Conexant senior vice president and general manager.



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