NXP Demystifies Smart Home Solutions For Developers



NXP announced the industry’s most comprehensive smart home solutions including production-ready modules and reference designs for smart lighting, smoke detection, motion sensing and a variety of other popular smart home applications. The solutions are intended to help the creation of end-products that make smart homes more secure, connected and convenient.

Aimed at enabling easy application development and optimal consumer experiences, these highly integrated solutions will enable up to 50 percent faster time to market for creating consumer products which are easy-to-use, simple to setup, control and enjoy.


“Today, service providers make it easily accessible for consumers to create their own smart home, but the complexity often comes with the initial setup of devices which are as diverse as the standards in which they operate. NXP provides a complete solution that embeds all of the key elements to enable secure seamless, convenient consumer experiences that people demand”, said Olivier Harquin, general manager of smart home solutions at NXP.

Included in the NXP smart home development and evaluation solutions are:

  • Lighting Solutions: Production ready reference designs based on Thread, ZigBee 3.0 and BTLE technologies integrated with NFC.
  • Smart Home End Node Solutions: Turn-key solutions with NFC technology integrated for tap and connect commissioning for occupancy and motion sensors, smart plugs, smoke detectors and various nodes from global partners.
  • Evaluation Kit (EK-004): This integrates NXP ZigBee technology such as the recently introduced JN5169 microcontroller with NFC technology like NTAG I2C and PN7120 NFC reader to offer a complete evaluation kit.
  • Product Ready Modules: JN5169 and JN5179 production ready modules are industry compliant and certified. These modules abstract all wireless technology complexity for customers.
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The company is all set to demonstrate the complete smart home solutions at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).



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